Bag-on-Valve Filling System

A complete bag-on-valve (bov) filling system featuring automated bag-valve insertion

The Rotary Indexing Bag-Valve Filling System has been configured to give your production the competitive edge in barrier aerosol products. Available in single indexing up to 25 upm, and double indexing formats up to 45 upm.

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Configured to meet your exact production needs, each system can incorporate the following standard bag-valve stations:

  • bag-valve inserter;
  • bag-valve detecter;
  • LPAV;
  • Vacuum Purger;
  • HPTV Product Filler;
  • Pressure Tester.

A variety of other stations are also available.

What is BOV Bag-on-valve aerosol filling?

Benefits of using a BOV Bag-on-valve aerosol filling machine

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