With a rich heritage spanning over five decades, our company specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of Terco’s aerosol filling equipment, catering to diverse applications. Our global footprint boasts the successful installation of over 2,500 aerosol machines, establishing our reputation for delivering high-quality equipment within remarkably short lead times.

Our machinery portfolio encompasses a spectrum of options, ranging from low to high-speed equipment designed for aerosol and rotary liquid fill systems, rotary base crimpers, gasser/shakers, propellant and liquid fillers, and bag-on-valve (BOV) systems, among others.

Catering to a diverse array of market segments, including health and beauty, coatings and sealants, food, and chemical manufacturing, our equipment has become the trusted choice for manufacturers worldwide. Clients confidently rely on our solutions, knowing they seamlessly integrate into their operations, delivering exceptional performance tailored to their specific requirements.

Beyond our cutting-edge machinery, our aerosol team possesses extensive production line knowledge to address upstream and downstream challenges. Our engineers boast expertise in both mechanical and pneumatic aerosol technology, and our portfolio proudly features renowned brands such as Electromatic, LinearPak, UltraFlex, and FlexiPak.

Regardless of the application’s demands, our seasoned engineering team stands ready to provide tailored solutions. Our commitment is to be an operational asset for our clients, addressing challenges, fostering strong relationships, and delivering highly capable machinery precisely aligned with our clients’ needs.

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Having served over 1,000 customers globally, we bring a wealth of collective confidence to all aerosol projects, irrespective of scope. Whether you require aerosol packaging equipment for your health and beauty products, coatings, sealants, food items, or chemicals, our experienced team is ready to assist. Submit your request, and our expert will promptly contact you to identify the ideal equipment for your production facility.

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