You may have heard of the term “Bag on valve” aerosol cans and wondered to yourself what the difference is between this and traditional aerosol cans. Well, for starters, Bag on Valve aerosol cans, or BoV as it is commonly referred to, has a much longer shelf life than traditional aerosol cans. You don’t have to be an environmental enthusiast to realize that there are many ways that BOV aerosol cans are superior to their traditional predecessors.

BoV technology instantly separates propellants (nitrogen or compressed air) from the product by using flexible FDA-approved product filled laminated bags. These bags are placed inside of the aluminum or steel can and the propellant fills out the space between the bag and the can. Specialized BoV technology uses the energy of the propellant to push the product out of the bag when the actuator is pressed.

Product Emptying

Because of this technology, BoV aerosol cans are effortlessly able to provide consumers with product and makes product emptying a lot easier. In fact, BoV technology can provide up to 99-100% of product emptying! BoV aerosol cans are able to level up traditional cans in this category because BoV aerosol cans are able to separate the product from the propellant and use the propellant to squeeze the product out. Traditional aerosol cans do not have this feature. As a result, traditional cans generally run out of propellant before the entire product is used, meaning there is leftover, unattainable, wasted product!

BoV technology also uses the separation of product and propellant to protect the product from oxygen exposure with air-tight cans, because of this, products have an extended shelf life!

Types of Product

The advanced BoV technology has given various companies the freedom to place virtually any form of product in these cans. From gels to liquids, ointments, and creams BoV has made it possible to dispense many forms of product! Being able to place multiple forms of product in these cans can also increase brand recognition.

Having products placed into BoV aerosol cans makes life easier for the consumer. There are plenty of benefits that come with BoV technology like reduced spray noise, even dispensing at all angles (including the unheard of upside-down angle) and eliminates the need for pumping motion!

Non-Flammable & Environmentally Safe

Having non-flammable products is a great feature and you can bet your bottom dollar that Bov is non-flammable as well! What separates BoV aerosol cans apart from traditional aerosol cans in this category is that with traditional cans the propellants are mixed with the product, whereas BoV’s propellants are separated! The mixture of these two makes them flammable.

The use of, or in this case disposal of, non-flammable products makes getting rid of discarded cans safer and easier.

Another beautiful feature of BoV technologies is that these cans are sterile, hygienic and are generally free of preservatives. Because you don’t have to touch the product or even come in contact with it to dispense it ensures that these products are safe for the customer and pure in dispensing form.

So whether or not you’re a consumer or a manufacturer, BoV’s innovative technology continues to bring aerosol cans forward and have helped to bring overall consumer confidence and satisfaction back to aerosol cans!