Bag-On-Valve Filling System

MC_RotIdxExt02_L_CThe BOV Rotary Indexing system is designed for use in the production of personal care products in bag-on-valve type containers. The system features the following production quality stations:

  • Automated bag-valve insertion;
  • Automated bag-valve placement verification;
  • L.P.A.V. filling system to perform crimping and pre-charging of propellant on a single station. The unit is configured to handle liquefied and compressed gas propellants on the same station;
  • HPTV High Pressure Product Fillers with sanitary construction;
  • Automated Valve Stem Cleaner system to remove residual product after filling;
  • And, online pressure testing for internal pressure verification.

According to the company, “… we have seen a number of applications in the past few years that involve the development of a barrier aerosol product. This product form is becoming increasingly popular by both producers and marketers who need specialized product delivery formats to both enhance their market positions and meet technical product specifications.”

In addition to the above filling system, the company will be displaying a range of aerosol filling stations used on various production systems. This hands-on display will allow exhibition visitors to view different production methods for their individual production needs. All of the stations displayed can be mounted to a range of standardized machine bases for varying line speed formats.

For 40 years the company has been manufacturing aerosol filling systems, and has been heavily involved in barrier and compartmental aerosol filling systems for over 25 years. In addition to their equipment for the filling of traditional aerosols, they offer filling systems for every type of barrier aerosol product in the industry today.

As a full line supplier of aerosol and filling equipment, Terco offers a complete range of ancillary equipment including: can feeding, conveyors, water bath test tanks, container accumulators, tip placers, overcap placers, pressure testers, propellant handling systems, safe filling rooms, and puck handling equipment.

Terco, Inc., located in Bloomingdale, IL USA, offers a worldwide technical sales and support network that includes global stocking of spare parts. With customers in over 45 countries the company has a reputation for offering dependable and flexible filling solutions.

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