LCN Series Dispensing Nozzle

ST_LCN3D_L_CTerco Announces LCN Series Filling Nozzle Development
Terco Inc., the Bloomingdale, IL (USA) manufacturer of aerosol and liquid filling equipment, announces the development of the Large Capacity Nozzles, otherwise known as the LCN Series. The nozzle series is an addition to the company’s current selection of dispensing nozzles.

The LCN Series was developed to handle products that are either foamy or of higher viscosities than can be easily handled by conventional filling nozzles. The units feature a larger dispensing orifice to increase the ratio of liquid cross section to atmosphere contact area, thus reducing the amount of agitation and air entrapment in the product stream. The nozzle is mounted to an articulated mounting that allows for adjustment to facilitate sidewall filling.

These improvements allow for faster filling times to increase line production speeds. Initial field production tests on aerosol glass cleaner products showed over a 40% reduction in the time required to liquid fill the product as compared with traditional filling nozzles.

In addition to being offered as upgrade options on all of the company’s standard products, the nozzles are designed for retrofitting to machines already in field service. This includes the advantage of being able to be fitted onto other manufacturers filling equipment.

According to the company “… the LCN Series nozzles represents our commitment to use the experience we have gained over the past 35 years to further improve the production output of the modern filling operation. Given the present economy and the increasing need for production line efficiencies, the nozzles offer a viable low cost solution to increasing the capacity of any filling operation.”

The LCN Series nozzles are constructed from either 300 Series or 316 Stainless Steel and feature anti-drip design. They also feature Terco’s dynamic seal technology that allows for adjustment of minor seal wear without the need to replace or rebuild the dispensing nozzle.

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