Crimping with and without vacuum for 1″ and bottle valves.

The Terco crimping series is based around the 3-Stage Crimping Cylinder Assembly that allows for interchangeable heads to perform various crimping operations. The 3-Stage Crimper Cylinder is an exclusive Terco design that provides a common station with flexible processing capabilities.

Standard heads for the 3-Stage Crimping Cylinder include: – Universal Non-Vacuum Crimper (1″ Aerosol Valve); – Vacuum Crimper (1″ Aerosol Valve); – Non-Vacuum Bottle Crimper; – Vacuum Bottle Crimper; – Low Pressure Around Valve (LPAV).

Each vacuum crimping station features a Vacuum Sensing Valve to assure that the proper amount of vacuum is being achieved in each container. Unlike time-based systems, this design helps maximize line efficiencies while providing for quality end products.

Terco was the first company to develop the Vacuum Bottle Crimping Station. This equipment is for use with the new filling techniques for Metered Dosage Inhalators (MDI) in the pharmaceutical industry.