Gasser-Plugger Systems

Designed to propellant charge and insert a rubber seal into the bottom of aluminum barrier aerosol products.

The Terco Gasser-Plugger System has been designed to propellant charge and seal aluminum barrier aerosol containers in a variety of formats. The system can be configured for either the rubber rope method or pre-molded plugs.

Propellant charging can be accomplished through the use of positive displacement measuring chambers for liquefied propellants, or equilibrium filling for compressed gases.

Rubber Rope Style
The traditional Terco Gasser-Plugger features the use of bulk rubber rope supply. During the cycle the station will feed and pre-cut the individual rubber plugs for insertion into the can.

As our most popular model, the Rubber Rope Gasser-Plugger offers easy set-up and a reduced package price as compared with other gassing-plugging methods.

Pre-Molded Plug Style
The Pre-Molded Plug style features a stainless steel vibratory sorter to orientate and feed pre-molded rubber plugs into the insertion head.
Each system can be easily converted into an Umbrella-Grommet Charging System for tinplate container production with an optional upgrade kit.