Gripper Water Bath

The GWB – 40 Gripper Waterbath has been designed for use with aerosol containers of various materials. The gripper style clips allow for the testing of tinplate, aluminum, plastic and glass containers.

The stainless steel carriage chain is configured with internal grippers as a standard. External grippers are available at no additional charge, but must be specified at time of order placement.

The system features a continuous motion rotary base for the loading and unloading of containers. The base is constructed from epoxy coated, structural steel and clad in polished stainless steel. The base is outfitted with an automatic chain tensionor for the carriage chain to ensure smooth and consistent container handling.

The tank section is constructed from polished stainless steel and supported by an epoxy coated, structural steel frame. The outer portions of the tank are insulated with foam and clad in polished stainless steel.

Both the rotary base and the tank are secured with a safety enclosure that is interlocked into the machines drive logic. The doors of the enclosure are mechanically secured during normal operation and can only be accessed when the machine is not in ‘run’ operation. The enclosure is constructed with a clear anodized, aluminum frame and glass door panels. An exhaust vent port is configured over the tank section.

The unit is powered by a variable speed drive that is rated for a hazardous location. Operator controls are essentially safe and the PLC control panel is rated for a non-hazardous environment.

The carriage system that transports the cans through the tank is outfitted with an automated lifting system. In the event that a line stoppage occurs, the containers will automatically be lifted from the water. When returned to the water, the cans are held in a pre-set dwell time before continuing to transport through the machine.

Inside the tank section is a side blow-off assembly to remove residual water from the sides and top of the can and the cup section of the aerosol valve. It comes complete with a turbine blower rated for a hazardous location.