Hand-Powered Equipment

One (1) Hand Powered Product Filler having a 200cc capacity. The filler has a positive displacement design, having a solid piston and statically mounted Teflon packing seals that are externally adjustable. The filler chamber and filling nozzle are manufactured from 300 series stainless steel. The filling nozzle has a 7/16-inch diameter orifice, removable Teflon tip and externally adjustable packing around the nozzle needle. One (1) Non-Vacuum 1-inch Crimper with a spring-loaded base that is used to locate the container into the crimping head. The operator pulling the crimper lever down and then returning it to the start position achieves crimping. External adjustments for both depth and diameter are provided. One (1) Hand Powered Propellant Charging Station designed to equilibrium fill propellant through the aerosol valve by time. For safety concerns, the station features a mechanical charging valve. One gassing adapter assembly is included. Includes a Lexan splash shield to mount in front of the station.