Low Pressure Around Valve (LPAV)

Combines the processes of propellant charging and valve crimping into a single station. Ideal for products using bag-valves.

The Low Pressure Around Valve (LPAV) System combines the functions of a crimper and a propellant charger into one station. The station is completely air operated and can be configured as an upgrade kit for those customers who already have a 3-Stage Vacuum Crimper.

The station is ideal for bag-valve barrier systems as propellant is introduced into the container under the valve cup prior to the bag-valve being crimped in place.

Unlike other systems, the LPAV system works directly from the bulk propellant transfer pump and is standard with a pneumatic vacuum generator. This eliminates the need for expensive vacuum, hydraulic, and high-pressure propellant pumps.

The system can be configured with a number of options to meet the needs of your production. Available options include high efficiency vacuum pumps and reclaim recovery systems.

Barrier Aerosol Equipment