MSR Multi-Station Rotary

Processing multiple tasks on a common base for reduced factory footprint.

The MSR Series Multi-Station Rotary combines the processing capabilities of multiple tasks into a common base for a reduced factory footprint and smooth, controlled container handling.

A common variable speed drive system allows single-point speed adjustment to the entire system. The drive system also features flame hardened precision gears to synchronize the various turrets together. This robust design insures a long service life with minimal maintenance.

The changeparts of the Multi-Station Rotaries feature quick changeover, toolless hardware. Torque Control Clutching is also standard on both the infeed and outfeed for machine protection. An optional safety enclosure can be added that is fully interlocked with the machines control logic.

The Multi-Station Rotary comes in three basic configurations: the MSR-2 with 2 Turrets; the MSR-3 with 3 Turrets; and the MSR-4 with four Turrets. A variety of stations are available to outfit the turrets to meet your products needs. Liquid fillers, crimpers, overcappers, and screwcappers are but a few of the possibilities.

The system is equipped with a standard non-hazardous PLC control system. A user control panel includes indicator lights for ease of process control. Should your particular Multi-Station Rotary include automated sorting bowls, their complete control and fault checking logistics can be automatically configured into the base PLC.