Rotary Overcapper

6-head rotary system designed to place and secure overcaps at rates up to 150 cans per minute.

The Model RO-150-C Rotary Overcapper is rated at handling up to 150 containers per minute, and is configured with a continuous motion drive system.

These machines feature an explosion proof, variable speed drive system.

With simple set-up and robust construction, these units are designed to meet the needs of automated aerosol filling production.

The RO-150-C Rotary Overcappers come standard with a safety enclosure, lower stainless steel panels, and quick changeover tooling for both overcap and container changeparts.

Each system also comes standard with an air driven centrifugal sorter bowl to sort, orientate, and feed a wide variety of overcaps.

Available upgrades include bulk feed elevators, ‘No-Cap’ Detection, and sanitary/dairy construction.