SL Series Inline Indexing Machines

Single lane inline machines for the production of aerosols up to 70 cans per minute.

The Model SL Single Line filling system has become an industry standard in inline filling. The machines feature all pneumatic control logic to address hazardous environment concerns while providing an easy to use system for maintenance issues. The drive system features adjustable guiderailing to allow all of the standard aerosol containers to run on the system without the need for additional changeparts.

The systems can be configured in either single indexing (up to 40 cans per minute) or double indexing (up to 70 cans per minute) drive operations. With single indexing systems, the tables can be pre-drilled for a future upgrade to double indexing to meet future capacity needs. The bases are constructed from epoxy-coated structural steel and are covered with a polished stainless steel top. Stainless steel manifolding is standard.

Some of the available options include safety enclosure, lower stainless steel panels, and sanitary/dairy construction.

All of the standard stations can be outfitted to the base to meet the exact requirements of your filling process.