Bag On Valve aerosol technology is a new way of packing your products. Are you looking for a packaging solution for your aerosol products? Such as cosmetic and beauty products, food products, pharmaceutical products, fire extinguisher etc. Or you just tired of using traditional aerosol packaging technology? Then why not try to use bag on valve aerosol technology to fix your packing issues?

Conventional aerosol spray technology

Conventional aerosol packaging combines three elements:

  • Product to be sprayed: blending active and inactive ingredients.
  • Propellant: a gaseous compound mixed with the product to ‘push’ it out as spray or foam. In some cases, the propellant also acts as a solvent to keep the product in desired form. Usually, the propellants is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon, like propane, isobutane, normal butane or ethane, or a hydrofluorocarbon like HFC 134 or HFC 152.
  • Canister: steel or aluminum leak-proof can, fitted with push-button spray valve, to keep product/propellant mix contained under pressure,
  • Pressing the actuator button opens the valve. Differential pressure between can contents and outside atmosphere allows propellant to expand, pushing the product out through the valve as fine mist or jet spray.

BoV technology

The Bag-on-Valve aerosol system is built around an aerosol spray valve welded to a sealed poly-laminated aluminum bag. When filled with product, the bag is placed inside a tinplate or aluminum can that is then pressurized with compressed air or nitrogen propellant as valve is fitted under pressure.

In use, the propellant exerts pressure on the outside of the bag, ‘squeezing’ product through nozzle in a mist or jet spray when the valve is actuated.

There are three key differences between a standard aerosol and BoV spray delivery:

  • Product and propellant remain physically separate eliminating the risk of adulteration or contamination
  • Less aggressive propellants can be used
  • The product undergoes less chilling from the propellant and emerges closer to room temperature.

Why Bag on Valve Aerosol Spray?

  1. Better Quality Of Finished Aerosol Products.

The finished aerosol product with bag on valve technology has better spray effect, mainly reflected in the wider spray range, the spray molecular weight is more even and finer, and it is easier to be absorbed.

  1. No Limited Substances.

The gas and the material in the traditional aerosol spray technology must be mixed, so the choice of the substances is limited.

The gas and substances in the bag on valve packaging technology are separated, there would be no limit for the used material.

  1. Safety Guarantee.

The most commonly used gas in traditional aerosol spray packaging is propane, which is very easy to explosive in high temperature or high pressure environment.

Therefore, the traditional aerosol spray packing can not be taken on the plane. The gas in the bag on valve package is usually nitrogen or compressed air, these kind of gases are safe.

  1. More Environmentally Friendly.

The gas and material of the bag on valve package are separated. The material is filled into an vacuum bag, but the compressed air is filled between the bag and the cans.

The compressed air squeeze the bag to spray the material, thereby avoiding pollution caused by direct contact.

The whole filling process are finished in the aseptic workshop, and the whole process guarantees aseptic operation.