The market has witnessed a rapid growth of Bag on Valve (BOV) technology these years, especially in the field of pharmaceutics, personal care, and household care.

Bag on valve technology shows its outstanding advantages in many aspects. It can isolate the product from the propellant gas, thus prolonging the shelf life dramatically. It uses non-flammable gas(Nitrogen or compressed air) as the propellant gas, which is much safer than the traditional aerosol technology. It is also able to eliminate the deterioration of product quality caused by the loss of solvent and decomposition of propellant.

It has been widely used in personal care, household care, food and beverage, pharmaceutics, etc.

The first Bag on valve technology was developed in Japan in the 1990s, and then it got very popular in Asia. It is still expanding rapidly in the European market. As a leader in this field, Nidec-Mitsui developed BOV technology for various industries (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.) over 10 years. The company based on its own rich experience and latest technologies proposed a wide range of BOV products to satisfy various needs of customers. Nidec-Mitsui’s BOV products are now exported to more than 50 countries/regions around the world with a high reputation among customers for their excellent quality and competitive price.

Pressure-free spray container (PFS) is a new type of spray container which has two parts: the bottle and the cap. The bottle is made of high-quality transparent material, such as polypropylene(PP), polyethylene(PE), polystyrene(PS), or polycarbonate (PC). The cap has a valve for controlling the spray direction. It is pressurized by air or nitrogen, which makes the liquid inside it be sprayed out through the valve. This kind of spray container can be used in all kinds of applications that are normally carried out with aerosol cans, such as household care products, personal care products, food products, etc. Thanks to its pressure-free design and other unique features, it offers many advantages over traditional aerosol cans.

Bag on Valve technology provides an excellent solution to many issues regarding aerosols. It eliminates all problems related to conventional aerosols. See Terco’s superior implementation of Bag on Valve BOV aerosol machines.